Why I am not a Bitcoin investor

I have been slow to get on the Bitcoin train.  OK, actually I've kept a safe distance and watched that shiny Bitcoin engine gain speed and momentum, hurtling through space, careening around corners, all the while gaining more and more white-knuckled followers, hanging on for dear life.But not me -  I'm a skeptic.  I can't help it.  Something so new,…

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Life is like a jar of golf balls

Here is an apocryphal story for you.  Its veracity may be questionable, but its impact and utility are not.   A university professor enters a classroom full of students carrying a box which he puts on the floor.  He pulls a large glass jar out of the box and puts it on his desk.  Then he reaches back into the box…

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A cold hard look at buying a house

At the last moneySmartMD course a young physician asked a great question: "How can I figure out how much is reasonable to spend on a house?  It seems like the longer I wait, the less affordable they get.  What's the best approach?"This is one of those big, tough questions that deserves a thoughtful answer, so I thought I'd put together…

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