A course about personal finance for physicians, by a physician.

understand money. unlock life.

Hi, I’m Dr. Matt.  We all know money is important, but the firehose of information around personal finance can be overwhelming.  What information can you rely on?  What applies to your situation? What can you do today to get yourself on the right path?

In four hours we cut through money myths, understand key financial concepts, and build a financial toolkit that you can use in real life.  No sales pitch, no complicated math, just the essential information you need to take control of your financial future.

navigate the financial aspects of a career in medicine

Start relieving the stress and focusing on what matters

spend smarter, not less

Powerful strategies that will help you as a consumer get the most from your hard-earned money

create a savings strategy

It doesn't have to be painful. Create a reasonable savings plan that puts you in the driver's seat

build a comprehensive financial plan

Protect yourself, your loved ones and your lifestyle with a plan you can actually use

invest effectively

Cut through the noise. Maximize wealth and minimize risk with this simple, evidence-based approach to investing

gain confidence

Whether you use an advisor, do-it-yourself, or something in between, move forward with confidence

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about Dr. Matt

After fifteen years of clinical medicine and a year of traveling around the world with his family, Matt shares his "secrets" to financial independence.

the moneysmart approach

No math. Just big, powerful ideas and information you can actually use. We use an evidence-based, unbiased approach to make you money-smart.

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Two interesting and engaging 2-hour sessions live via Zoom. Learn from the comfort of home! We keep our courses small and affordable, so register early to secure your spot.

you can be moneysmart!

What if you could wake up every morning, knowing you will spend your days with people you like, doing things you believe are worth doing?  

What we need to accomplish this goal is financial independence.  

Matt Poyner is a physician with a special interest in personal finance.  He has been speaking for years to other physicians about the unique issues they face when it comes to balancing a demanding career and managing money effectively.  

His own path has taken him through thirteen years of full time clinical practice, a year of traveling around the world with his wife and four children, and now the exciting question of “What’s next?”.  

Join Matt at the moneySmartMD course as he challenges our assumptions about money,  helps us understand the real value of financial independence, and shows us a path to get there.





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