Uncalculated risks

There are no solutions, only trade-offs.Thomas SowellYou can only calculate risk in hindsight.  You can't know the actual risk going forward because you don't have the data yet.  Things change.  The best you can hope for is a fuller and more accurate understanding of the range of outcomes from any given decision.  Past data can be helpful, but good decisions…

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Get to vs. Got to

This story starts about a year before that photo was taken.I stumbled into my sparsely furnished apartment tired, dirty, and hungry after a long day of hiking. I had moved to Chilliwack, BC a few months before to start my family medicine residency and had been spending weekends when I wasn’t on call exploring the epic geography.  This particular hike happened…

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A cold hard look at buying a house

At the last moneySmartMD course a young physician asked a great question: "How can I figure out how much is reasonable to spend on a house?  It seems like the longer I wait, the less affordable they get.  What's the best approach?"This is one of those big, tough questions that deserves a thoughtful answer, so I thought I'd put together…

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