If you are looking for a speaker who will bring sincerity, insight and inspiration to your audience, please reach out to me. From physicians in training to those navigating retirement, there are a number of themes that I’d be thrilled to discuss:

  • My story: Leaving medicine at 42 and traveling around the world for a year
  • Why financial independence is the best way to fight burnout
  • Money and evidence-based happiness
  • How to spend smarter, not less
  • The hidden costs of the “doctor lifestyle”
  • What everyone needs to know about saving money
  • Planning for retirement the right way
  • Why every doctor should consider a “side-hustle”
  • Everything doctors need to know about the financial services industry
  • All you really need to know about investing
  • How doctors can be successful do-it-yourself investors

From learners who need to start off on the right foot, older physicians who want to have confidence in their financial security, and everyone in between who are struggling to figure out how money can be used a tool to build a better life – a deeper understanding of personal finance can give doctors a long-overdue sense of autonomy and freedom to pursue what matters to them.

If you would like me to speak to your group, send me an email: moneySmartMD@gmail.com