Organisms can position themselves in one of two ways from an evolutionary perspective: specialize or generalize.  Specialist species are adapted to a narrow range of conditions.  They are specialized for their niche and out-compete other species in that space.  Specialists thrive when conditions are just right, but suffer the most when conditions change.  Think of giant pandas, venus fly traps,…

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Get to vs. Got to

This story starts about a year before that photo was taken.I stumbled into my sparsely furnished apartment tired, dirty, and hungry after a long day of hiking. I had moved to Chilliwack, BC a few months before to start my family medicine residency and had been spending weekends when I wasn’t on call exploring the epic geography.  This particular hike happened…

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Optimists, pessimists, and realists in life and investing

My last post, Why I am not a Bitcoin investor, sparked a surprisingly positive response both in and out of the comments section - thank you to those who reached out.  Even the Canadian Moneysaver is going to pick it up for an upcoming issue.  It seems there are a lot of investors who share my reservations about cryptocurrencies and…

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