How to make the most of an RESP

We learned all about RESPs in our last post.  Now comes the fun part: what is the best way to save in an RESP?First, a quick review of the basic RESP rules.RESP rules -  the quick and dirtyRESP contributions are made with after-tax dollars - i.e. unlike RRSPs, there is no tax deduction for RESP contributionsThe government will top-up contributions…

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A doctor’s guide to RESPs

Having children means planning for their future.  Aside from being raised in a loving and supportive environment, one of the best things we can do for our children’s long-term success is to give them the means to access the educational paths they will need.  Since the federal government changed the rules around professional corporations in 2018, essentially disallowing dividends to…

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How to invest during periods of high inflation

Inflation.  It’s the boogeyman, the grim reaper, the silent killer of investors’ retirement dreams.  A recent survey by Leger showed that 84% of Canadians are worried about inflation.  Another survey south of the border revealed inflation as the top concern for 2022 – ranking well higher than the pandemic.  And there is reason to be fearful.  Inflation represents a double-whammy…

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