10 Advantages DIY investors have over the pros

Advice is loud when the person giving it has something to gain – and the financial services industry has a lot to gain by convincing you that the best place for your money is in their hands.  To be fair, there can be value in the services of some financial advisors.  But the other side of this story needs to…

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The real problem with financial advisors

The road to financial independence and through retirement often feels like a menacing dark alley rather than a pleasant rolling country road. As a result, millions of Canadians hand the reins over to financial advisors, assuming expertise comes bundled with the title. The minority choose to steer clear of financial advisors, wary of the conflicts of interest that pollute the…

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Rethinking retirement

I wrote this in 2017 when our family hit a financial milestone of early financial independence. It triggered a re-evaluation of medicine, what we wanted for our family, and how we thought about our future. Dave is a young, bright, hard-working guy who just finished high school.  He has all the tools for success.  But what is that?  The standard…

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