How to invest during periods of high inflation

Inflation.  It’s the boogeyman, the grim reaper, the silent killer of investors’ retirement dreams.  A recent survey by Leger showed that 84% of Canadians are worried about inflation.  Another survey south of the border revealed inflation as the top concern for 2022 – ranking well higher than the pandemic.  And there is reason to be fearful.  Inflation represents a double-whammy…

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Why doctors need to learn about money

Dr. Tom works hard.  Between his office practice and hospital work, he always feels busy and whatever time is leftover is quickly absorbed by family responsibilities.  Every day he drags himself out of bed, defibrillates his brain with coffee, and puts his shoulder to the grindstone once again.  Tom likes his work and loves his family.  He knows he's fortunate…

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One more year syndrome

Dr. Cathy had been working as an internist for almost three decades.  She made a good income, spent with restraint, and saved consistently.  Based on her financial plan, she knew how much money she needed to retire.  As the finish line approached, she got more and more excited for the freedom she’d be able to enjoy.   But, then other feelings…

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