Book review: Reboot your Portfolio

Today we have a guest post from Stefan Scott, a flat-fee financial planner from BC.  I know Stefan personally.  He's a smart, hard-working guy who specializes in helping physicians get on the path to financial independence using an evidence-based approach.  His business is called House Calls Financial Planning and his email is  If you have any questions for him,…

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Organisms can position themselves in one of two ways from an evolutionary perspective: specialize or generalize.  Specialist species are adapted to a narrow range of conditions.  They are specialized for their niche and out-compete other species in that space.  Specialists thrive when conditions are just right, but suffer the most when conditions change.  Think of giant pandas, venus fly traps,…

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Retirement planning: Don’t leave money on the table

You work hard for your money.  You’re accumulating wealth by being responsible with your spending and saving decisions.  Why?  So that you can use that money to enjoy a long, happy retirement.  But, contrary to most financial planning assumptions, research shows that few retirees manage the decumulation of their assets well.  Most are leaving money on the retirement table.Some people…

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